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Desktop Task Timer is a very simple and useful tool for logging time spent on various tasks throughout the day.

It was built to accommodate contractors or freelancers who have to frequently stop, start, and switch tasks throughout the day and want an easy way to log billable time, but is flexible enough to suit many different purposes.

- Just enter a task and hit start - it's that simple.
- View, edit, and export your tasks for any date or date range
- Group and filter tasks for easy management of multiple clients
- Timeout function will prevent you from keeping the timer running accidentally
- Sync tasks over any shared folder
- Automatically calculate hourly earnings
- Add detailed notes to any task
- Switch active tasks with a single click
- Handy keyboard shortcuts
- Drag-and-drop to rearrange tasks
- Several output time formats and rounding options to suit your business need
- Unlimited tasks
- Manage your tasks from the desktop status bar
- Automatically saves your data as you go
- Provides a rounded hourly output to save you the hassle of manual calculations
- Tell at a glance at the status bar what your active project is and whether the timer is running
- Store and load a template of frequently used tasks


If you are using Mavericks or later, you should disable App Nap for this application, or it may not track time correctly in the background.

Also there is a known bug where you may LOSE TRACKED TIME from the previous day if you leave the app running overnight. Please be aware of this issue, and it is highly recommended that you export or copy data from the app on a regular basis. This app is not optimal as a permanent storage for critical time records.

The app does get slower as the data file gets larger, so frequent exports + deleting saved data in ~/Library/Application Support/82 Inc/default.desktoptasktimer is recommended for best performance.

Developer 82 Inc.
Price 4.99$
AppStore ID 408502428
Version 4.03
Last update about 4 hours ago
App size 1.3 MB
User rating 4+ (95 votes)
Supported languages EN

Desktop Task Timer reviews and user comments

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[★★★] Nice... by That Guuy
Its simple and easy to use. I only encountered one small problem... when you close the window (with the red x button) you cant reopen the window without quiting and reopening the App. :/ Which means you lose all your time you were keeping. :( So you have to use the "Hide" and "Show" feature to clear your work space.
[★★★★★] Great if you need to track time on tasks but are a multitasker by gwende
My company just started requiring us to track our time; I'm someone who bounces around sometimes (start to download something, move onto something else while it downloads, pause that and install) or check email every hour, need to pause the current task. What I like about this over other apps I've used is the support for multiple tasks and the ease of pause/resume. The fact that it displays both min/sec and decimal total hours is a bonus--I have to enter my time as a number, not as a number of minutes, so I appreciate that it does the math for me.
[★★★★★] Worthy investment by insert-nickname-not-taken
If you value time like you value money, and if you want to keep track of time like you keep track of money, this app is essential! I'm quite surprised this is not on the top 10 right now. Easy to use, no frills, simple, and able to track time of things you do offline (vacuuming, for example) - so good that I can't come up with suggestions for improvement. Well done.
[★★★] Useful app. A few suggestions though... by Natsuko1
This app is great for keeping track of how long a task takes. And the support for multiple tasks is definitely a plus. I have two suggestions, though not everyone may find it useful or practical.

The first idea is to allow two or more tasks to go on at once. This would allow for true multi-tasking. This would also open up possibilities for subcategories within tasks. That's what I have for now, but I'm sure it's possible to build on that idea.

The other idea I had was to include an option for a countdown timer. With this users would be able to work on projects and stick to a limited time frame to complete the task(s).

Thank you for this app and I hope to see some great updates in the future.
[★★★] Good interface, but needs an export option by notallan
This is very simple to use. However, to be truly useful, there needs to be a log file or way to export data to a spreadsheet. Otherwise, this requires a re-input of the data at the end of the day into a different program, which is a waste of time. Please update this program with this feature!
[★★★★★] Just keeps getting better! by Mike Ciance
I'm a web developer, and I do some freelancing. I've been using this app since it first came out, and it's made keeping track of my time much easier. I highly recommend this app to anybody who tracks time

In my reviews of versions 1.00 and 1.01, I requested an "export to .csv" feature, and now 2.00 has it! This is great, because now I can easily transfer the information to an invoice all at once. The developer has added many features based on user feedback - you can tell that he really reads every review.

Here are some features I would still like to see in the future:

- Multiple timesheets
- Time shown on Dock or Menu Bar
- Some method of preventing the accidental deletion of a line. This could be a confirmation pop-up, an "undo" function, or a trash bin similar to Firefox's "Recently Closed Tabs".
[★★★★] Good start, needs some tweaks by Kristin Fiano
This is exactly the type of app I've been looking for. I review case files and bill by the minute. Its great to be able to have this on the desktop so I can track several cases at once (as I am often switching between the two or three). My only complaint is that there should be an easier and "safer" way to clear the time for a particular task. I thought that if one task was highlighted and I clicked "clear" it would clear just that task. Not so! All three tasks I had running were suddenly gone, losing important information.

As another reviewer mentioned, once you close the window you have to Quit the app before the window will open again.

Certainly worth the money, I'm glad I bought it.
[★★★★] Very Useful Time Tracking by James Wiebmer
This app is perfect for tracking our time as IT professionals. It's quick to add a new task and simple to switch back and forth between them. We are interrupt driven and often have to switch from one task to another repeatedly throughout the day. Leaking or losing billable time is a big NO NO. My only wish is for more than 10 tasks at a time. My whole team agrees that having only 10 active tasks would be like a vacation. Add more active tasks please!!! We'll pay...
[★★★] Please add ability to multi task by Jason Reddy
I would like to echo the other reviewer who mentioned "true multitasking". Please add this feature as soon as possible.
[★★★★] Very Simple, Very Good by Mrcourt123
This timer is very simple to use and works wonderfully. It has helped me stay on task much better by allowing me to see exactly how much time I am spending on the tasks I am supposed to be completing compared to my tangents, such as Facebook and other distracting websites. I only knock it down 1 star because there is absolutely no customization or preferences. Overall, it is a great, simple app that is going to help me increase my productivity.
[★★] Math Calculation Bug by Steve Kerns
There is something wrong with the math in this tool. 60 mins 00 seconds shows up as 1.03 hours. 15 mins 00 seconds shows up as .26 hours. 30 mins 00 seconds shows up as .51 hours. You can test this by manually entering time into the min/sec columns then look at what the Total Hours column shows you. Something is off.
[★★★★★] Excellent for Freelancers by Mike Ciance
As a web developer, I've found this app to be extremely useful. With each new version, more great features and improvements are introduced. The developer is extremely receptive to use feedback, and several of the features I've requested in previous reviews have been added to the program.

At the moment, there are only two items on my wish list for future versions:

- Multiple timesheets
- Confirmation before deleting row
[★★★★★] simple and easy to use by Heather Miller
this app is great. I have two requests, is there anyway to sync the time with iCal? It would be really nice to be able to look back and see what was done on what days. There's no need to create your own user interface when iCal already exists. My second request is for an iPhone app that syncs with this one, it would be nice to be able to keep tracking while I am away from the computer. Keep up the good work
[★★★★★] It's really very good by heavyiTunesuser
I wasn't sure I would like this app but I was willing to try anything that would get me to focus on work and accomplish something tangible every day. As an entrepreneur who works from home, I find it very easy to get distracted. I use this app to ensure that, at some point during the day, I spend a designated amount of time on each work project. It works well for me. The price is right. I'm a happy camper.
[★★★★] Works, with one problem by Joshua Novak
This app is great and works well. I've only noticed one sort of big problem. I lost power where i live for a minute and had to turn my computer back on. After it started up the pogram erased all my time data and wouldn't open until i restarted twice and tried to open the program 4 times with each restart. If this got fixed and the interface got cleaned up a bit it would be the perfect app.
[★★★★★] Simple and Elegant Utility by BeckiLC
I'm a freelance editor and writer, and this utility has proven itself to be indispensable. I can accurately track my hours on multiple projects, then export the recorded times for all my projects into a .csv file I can then send to my clients. I love that it is so lightweight and runs in the task bar at the top of my screen. One click, and I can pause or resume it! I love this app!
[★★★★] Almost perfect but need to allow more than 20 tasks!!! by CommonAnonymousNickname
This application is great, and I love the new updates. That being said, the only future update in my opinion would be to allow more than 20 tasks. I run into this daily. I have to delete a task to add another since it only allows up to 20.
[★★★] OK, but Needs More by Dorian Benkoil
I'd like to be able to
- Open more than 1 window, so I can, say, track more than one job at a time. EG, I could have CLIENT 1 and then tasks within that client's timer and CLIENT 2, and tasks within that client. Or, I could have different timers for different weeks.
- Be able to better describe or associate tasks which would help when calculating or exporting to CSV later.
[★] Not worth the money... by
Stone Hill Time Card is free and does just as good of a job. No weekly/monthly tally here. Got suckered in on the sale price. Want my money back...
[★★★] Easy to start and stop, hard to keep track of actual time started and stopped. by Jason Zwolak
This is a great tool if you don't need to know the date or time when you started or stopped a task. It's really easy to start and stop and change tasks. There is a very convenient reminder of the task you are working on in the task bar. For my work I also need to log the date and time. Desktop Task Timer does not log the date and time, so this app is not useful for me.
[★★★★★] Great App! by Sysanalyzer
This is a gem of the app store. Saved me from estimating my billing time. Stands out from the crowd by keeping time and you just have to click a button, instead of writing what you do.
[★★★★] Much improved by Dorian Benkoil
Really appreciate how it keeps improving, how responsive the developer is. Best app like this for the price I've found.

Previously wrote this:

I'd like to be able to
- Open more than 1 window, so I can, say, track more than one job at a time. EG, I could have CLIENT 1 and then tasks within that client's timer and CLIENT 2, and tasks within that client. Or, I could have different timers for different weeks.
- Be able to better describe or associate tasks which would help when calculating or exporting to CSV later.
[★★] Poor UI by Michael McLinn
I didn't like this App, used it for a few days then abandoned it. Two main complaints - the UI is very clunky and there is no way to export a range of CSV data - you have to do it one day at a time which makes this almost unusable if you use it every day and want to generate billing data after a couple weeks or a month. Also would it be too much to ask to autocomplete new tasks from the text of old tasks?
[★★★★★] Great app at a great value by Robert Williams
You can tell just from the version history that the developer is truly listening to user feedback and trying to make the program as user-friendly as possible.

There are definitely some things I'd like to see added or changed, such as adjustments to the way the window is auto-sized, how task maintenance is performed, the size of the text it (optionally) puts in the menu bar, and the addition of global keyboard shortcuts for switching and starting/stopping tasks, but room for growth and improvement is a fact of life for any software. The bottom line is that, compared to its peers in the store, this app definitely deserves consideration by offering a lot of bang for the buck.
[★★★★] Great App by helloct
Not the best looking app, but certainly fits my needs and the interface is easily navigable and understood. Has just enough features, but stays simple—I just wanted something to track my freelancing time, did not want any invoicing/project management bells and whistles.

Can't wait for the Dropbox sync so that I can use it across my iMac and Macbook. Glad to see that the developer is very responsive!
[★★★★★] Great Ap by Happybaby322
The developer is very responsive. I love this ap. Very easy to use and is accurate.
[★★★★★] Love love love this app!!! by techcare
I develop websites at my desk for a living. Many times I forget to time myself so I go back and guess how much time I spent on something. With this app there is no guessing! And, if you forget to start it, you can start it late and add on the 7 minutes you have already been working. In addition, it saves your work from each day! So if you forget to put the time into your quickbooks, you can go back in time to that day and see what you did. This app has not only made me reclaim time and money, it makes me more focused on each task. I love, love, love this app!!!
[★★★★★] Very simple and effective by fighthairloss
This is a solid, reliable app. I use it all the time to meter the time I spend on client projects and my own projects. I especially like the ability to control the timer and tasks from the menu bar, and to see the time from the menu bar. This allows me to have one less window on the desktop.
[★★★★★] Great App - Would Like to See a couple of Tweaks by Kristin Kinsey
This app is exactly what I was looking for! A couple of things I would like to see, 1 is a fix.

In the preferences, there is an option to choose how many tasks open up when the app opens. I set mine to 10, but it still only opens with three. Very minor issue.

Something that isn't there, that I would really like to see and would save me a lot of time, is some improvement on the exporting feature. It would be great if we could select a daterange we want to export tasks from. I bill my clients once a month (not always the 1st, depends on their contract), and exporting 28-31 days is going to be a pain.

Thanks so much for a great contribution, and keep up the great work!
[★★★★] Great app.... but one suggestion by kumarsv
I was using Grindstone at my work place and it was awesome. I tried this app "desktop timer" on my mac.
As far as the timer usage and its functions... they are very easy to start with and lot more useful, except one..
Ilustration or an example: Say I m reading "Harrsion's medical book online.. so i started my timer and the task as "study time". Now, I would like to know, how much time am I taking to read a chapter from this book.. so within the study time.. I would like to have a subdivision that shows me the time taken for one chapter or whenever I start a new chapter and complete it, I would start the timer again and this time should be added to the main task i.e."study time". So, I would be able to know how fast am i reading, which enables me to focus more.
Thank you..
[★★★★★] Excellent by Joshua Novak
This app is awesome and it keeps getting better. I am loving the addition of groups, filters, and hourly rates etc. Keep up the excellent work!!! =)
[★★★★★] Fabulous App! by Dencho Quiterio
I love the new features (4.0 release). I'm glad I cancelled my Toggl subscription and purchased your app. Here are some suggestions/requests:

When viewing a date range, can you make it possible to:

modify tasks (title, details, etc.)?
switch the client being displayed?
return to the current day via a "Cancel" button of sorts?

When displaying time (both within the app and the export file), can it be shown as hh:mm:ss? I'm not sure many people want to deal with time as decimals (as shown in export files) or minutes beyond 59 (as shown on app).
[★★★★★] Great App! by Sysanalyzer
One of the apps I cannot do without. Helps me keep track of where my time goes. Highly recommended.
[★★★★★] Awesome App! by Matthew Dicembrino
A company I do contract work for wanted me to implment their time tracking software. I love this so much that I use this instead because it hides itself in the menu bar where it should be, not another web browsing window. The updates keep making this app better and better. Great job and keep the updates coming.
[★★★★★] Outstanding Time Tracker by elStrockito
I bought this at first because of how simple it was. I needed something to keep track of my time that let me export to a spreadsheet (invoice) and send to my client. It worked perfectly. Since purchasing, a few upgrades/updates have been made and I have to say, they've only made it better. It's still really simple to use but now, with the group, hourly rate, details, and export features, not to mention the price, it's pretty amazing. And well worth it! Great job Erik!
[★★] Needs automatic application monitoring and better reporting by holsteinson
The app is not recognizing the opening and closing of applications in the computer.... The user has to manually start and stop the clock for each task
Very little statistics week, month or yearly on used time and invoicing (such as % used in emails, in MS Word, in CAD, idle, etc)
Hopefully next version 5 would be automated and integrated to application usage
[★★★★] Great app; a couple of small problems for my purposes by Michael Owens
I just downloaded this app yesterday and I love it. I'm an attorney who switches between billable clients frequently during the day and this is perfect for me to keep track of my time. As many others have said, it's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

However, having played with every feature (I think), I've had two somewhat big problems (that I'm willing to concede could be user error). I've twice lost all my time billing for a task. Once was when I selected the option to "Save as Template" under the "Task List Functions" menu (a great feature!). It kept old days but deleted everything under the current day.

The second was even more serious (and likely to be a more common issue for me). I often work across midnight. I did this today and had a timer going. I wondered how it would assign the time since I'd moved into a new day. I paused the timer, closed the task window, and when I reopened it, all the time, both before and after midnight was gone--assigned to neither day. I hope I just did something wrong and I won't repeat it. Because generally speaking, this app is great.
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