Screenshort of  YummySoup! url : http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/014/Purple/a0/9c/59/mzl.nsgvajnz.800x500-75.jpgScreenshort of  YummySoup! url : http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/041/Purple/9f/23/e7/mzl.qqhgumsd.800x500-75.jpgScreenshort of  YummySoup! url : http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/031/Purple/7e/e3/7e/mzl.ebxfyjql.800x500-75.jpgScreenshort of  YummySoup! url : http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/014/Purple/b5/05/38/mzl.vesnynew.800x500-75.jpgScreenshort of  YummySoup! url : http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/055/Purple/f3/5e/6e/mzl.avqayoyj.800x500-75.jpg
YummySoup! allows you to easily create digital copies of all your favorite recipes and share them with friends and family with professional themed prints, and email.

Features an intuitive web importer, easily getting your favorite recipes into YummySoup!.

Don’t just email simple text recipes to your friends. Email professional quality prints they will love. There are many themes from elegant to scrapbook and formats from index, 4x6 photo and letter. Each email also includes an export file so they can add your recipe right into their copy of YummySoup!

There is so much more including a recipe Scaling Assistant, full Metric & Standard support, Grocery Lists, a Weekly Planner, Keyword based Groups, Private Notes, Smart Measurement conversions and XML based exports.

Developer HungrySeacow
Price 14.99$
AppStore ID 402757302
Version 2.4
Last update 21 Dec 2010
App size 32.0 MB
User rating 4+ (399 votes)
Website http://hungryseacow.com
Supported languages EN, FR, DE, ES

YummySoup! reviews and user comments

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[★★★★] Needs an iPhone sync-able version to make me stay... by Littleterra
I have been a macGourmet user for a while and it has always bugged me that I cannot share recipes and that I cannot simply import from sites. This solves a couple of those problems immediately. To really make me love it though you need to create a version that I can sync to my phone for on the go editing, sharing and reading. Also, as cool as recipecast appears to be, you really need the option to share a recipe on facebook. I share a lot of those in my notes section with friends!
A shopping list feature wouldn't hurt either but its not a deal breaker for me.
I cannot overemphasize how much I love the built in weekly planner but could we have some iCal integration? Say we wanted a "meal calendar" to share with the family and could sync the weekly planner... That would be nice.
[★★★★★] Easily the best Recipe Manager by Michael Gunn
I’ve tried them all and by far YummySoup! is the best. It’s not only has tons of features but is very easy to learn and use and has a fantastic interface to boot. There’s no bait and switch requiring you to purchase extra features like MacGourmet. I can’t say enough about how helpful the developer is and their Facebook page has lots of information on up coming (FREE!) features! YummySoup! is easily worth fifty bucks so not picking it up at this incredibly low price is insane. Thanks hungryseacow team!
[★★★★★] Best recipe app! by Lord North
I have been using YummySoup! for about two years and just bought the App Store version for the convenient updating. I feel it's underpriced.

My wife and I obtain recipes from many sources so importing capabilities are most important. We use YummySoup! as our central recipe repository/database, both for recipes we've tried and recipes we want to try. You'll smile when you see how easy it is to import recipes into YummySoup!

One of my favorite features is Smart Groups. Extremely useful for categorizing recipes automatically based on various criteria and keywords.

Sharing recipes is easy, too... there are many options for emailing, publishing, exporting and printing recipes.

Full screen view is great for the kitchen.

Unlike some of the other recipe apps, this one is powerful, yet easy to use so you'll use it daily.
[★★★★★] Upcoming version with Grocery List will make it even better! by Rafael Encarnacion
Currently, this app is awesome! Now that the new update which will add a functionality where you can easily create a grocery list from the menu of the week will make this app even more appealing!!!
[★★★★★] Yummy Soup by luvs-2-cook
This is a great tool for organizing recipes. Although many online sites allow you to save recipes you like in an online "recipe box" they are not sorted, and can be difficult to locate once you've saved a number of them. Yummy Soup allows you to automatically populate a recipe template from recipes online and organize them as well. A great tool! Thanks:)
[★★★★★] Clear the clutter, YummySoup has given me back control of my recipes! by K C
As a magazine subscriber I love to take time to read and look through my food mags. Afterwards I would have to save the whole magazine, cut out single recipes, or write them down resulting in a mish mash way of organizing them. Now I can say goodbye to the stacks of magazines. After I'm done looking through I can go on the mags website and import them right into YummySoup, even the mags that are not supported by the one click import are easy to import with the highlight and tab button method. This also works good for any recipes saved as a file on my computer, website or blog. Plus the ability to modify during importing including scaling down the recipe is great. Any ingredient, measurement, method, keyword, ect. added is remembered and is available in the autofill or drag down menu for next time. Catagorizing the recipes with keywords and smart folders is so easy and helps inspire me when I'm not sure what to make. There are other features I haven't used yet and more promised by the developer, this the best recipe app I've ever used.
[★★★★★] Great app! by mercy_and_grace
I really like this recipe app, especially since I discovered the recipe importer. It works great! The only thing that will make it better would be compatibility with my iPhone, which I believe is in the works.
[★★★★★] Love This App!!! by Jennifer Bissu
This app is JUST what I needed! I wanted a fun, attractive, easy-to-use app to keep all my recipes. I was tired of searching through eight different recipe apps on my iPhone (epicurious, AllRecipes, Big Oven, etc), trying to remember which one had the recipe I wanted to use. I needed a nice recipe app where I could keep all my favorite recipes in one place. I was thinking about buying MacGourmet, but then I saw that several reviews for this app said they already had MacGourmet and switched to this one, and liked this better. So I gave it a whirl (especially for the special introductory 50% off price!!!) and I absolutely LOVE this app, I couldn't be happier. Importing from the built-in recipe websites is super easy, the interface is GORGEOUS, it's easy to print and email recipes to share them. If you're looking for a recipe keeping app, look no further!
[★★★★★] Finally a recipe app that works by Doug Hall
Amazing. The problem with most recipe apps is getting the recipes in. Yummy soup makes it all painless. And the support is fantastic.
[★★★★] Great app, need to see some additional features but I love it by Richard Filhour
I have used SousChef on the Mac for some time now, but have been disappointed with its lack of upgrades/updates. So I used the trial version of YummySoup! for Xmas cooking to test it out. For this low of price I have decided to switch even though YummySoup! is missing some key features that I would really like to see. For example, iPad integration, Subscription folders, Publish to Dropbox (instead of Mobile Me). Other than that it is great, Oh and BTW... If you used SousChef and liked the "voice features", you can turn on the Mac's Speech Recognition feature and say "Move Page Up" and "Move Page Down" while in full screen mode to get the same affect. VERY NICE!
[★] This was worthless to me by Mark Araujo
I thought this was a neat tool to not only catelog all my recipes, but also share them with friends via "RSS Feed" type sharing. Come to find out you can share the recipes, but only if the recipients also have YummySoup. Terrific. I use MobileMe to host an RSS Feed right now, along with iWeb. Thought this would bridge the recipe app and blog. Guess I need to think again.
[★★★★] A few glitches, but otherwise great by grmbrand
Love the web import feature! Love the full screen mode! I am running into a bug when I switch from full screen back to windowed; the left-hand sidebar and the picture browser at the top are empty. Aside from that glitch, I am very satisfied!
[★★★★★] WOW! by Marion Schack
First of all if you have any hesitation about purchasing this App just go to the website and download a 15 day free trial. I did and purchased the App the same day. (On the demo there is a little line that says to be sure to delete the demo before installing the live version. I also exported my recipe for broccoli salad to be sure I didn't loss it.)

Secondly, some of the reviews made it sound like you could not share recipes with your friends... you can! You can email your recipes. (.pdf)

Finally, this App has a lot of features. Even so, without any tutorial (which I think they have on the website) I was able to figure it out pretty quick and was using some of the more advanced features really quickly.

Here is my experience today... I was typing in recipes when I went to find an image on the web for my friends recipe for broccoli salad. Found it and realized that the recipe on the web was almost exactly the same as my friends. Hmmmm... you got it. YummySoup has a web importer feature! IT IS WONDERFUL! Even though this website did not have the one-click upload to YummySoup (which I have not tried yet) you can still import recipes through web importer. You interactively highlight the ingredients on the screen and click on the ingredients button, then highlight the directions on the screen and click on the directions button.... Well I think you get the picture. I was able to edit the imported recipe and then emailed it with one click.

Happily entering out my "dog earred" "spilled on" "never can find them when you need them" recipes from my recipe drawer in SoCal
[★★★★★] Wish Other Mac Aps were this good! by Zeusman
I'm new to Mac and dealing with the growing pains of learning to use and navigate on this platform. Have downloaded and paid for some truly useless aps that looked 'slick & pretty' but provided very little to no true value otherwise. But this one is a winner! It's the type of ap that I was hoping to anticipate when I came on board. It just plain works and looks good doing so.

Love how you can visit a popular website for food, recipes, etc from the software and just click to get the recipe and it neatly and quickly makes it part of your recipe library. But it does so without all the website's banners and breaks. Puts it all in an easy to read recipe card with photo(s) like I wish I could from all my Food Magazines. Wow, very neat!

More aps need to be like this one! I have become increasing critical of the Ap Store as there seem to be many new aps looking to cash in on the whole thing, and I've thrown away some money...Thanks Mac... But can wholeheartedly recommend this ap if you like to cook.
[★★★★★] Great Application by Tuesday Jane
Increasingly, I use the web to find recipes. This program is very thoughtful. I appreciate the way it helps me quickly capture recipes I like. Very easy to use. I think it would be great if the designers included more "looks" to their recipe cards, but that's one of my only complaints (if you can call it that.) Great software. I look forward to the improvements they plan to make. I think a grocery list and nutritional info function would take this great software into the out of the world category.
[★★★★★] Love the grocery list!! by mgmhanson
Yummy Soup! is great! I may actually be able to share my cookbook collection with someone else. Mostly, I love the new grocery list feature! Not only combines the recipes for the week, but I can add other things (like TP) and take out the items I already have on hand and, BEST OF ALL: I can print in the order of the aisles at my store!! WOO HOO!! Thanks so much for this fantastic app! :)
[★★★★★] Total Awesomeness! by Evan Swigart
This is the absolute BEST recipe database I have EVER used. I can't wait for it's iPhone companion app.
[★★★★★] Love the New Update by JOSEPH GUNN
Just tried the new update and it makes Yummy Soup even better then it alredy was, in my opinion the best recipe app out there. Very easy to use so if your looking for a recipe app you won't be disappointed. Can't wait for the app for my IPad. Thanks Yummy Soup guys.
[★★] bad tech support by ZooCrew13
Had issues installing the new update and emailed the developer twice receiving no response. I had to contact Apple to solve the problem which was not an Apple related software issue but they worked on it anyways. Love the program hate the tech support by the company.
[★★★★] Great Application by addicted4444
Its a real pleasure to use. Not come across many bugs. I have used other software with better web importers, but YummySoup's is certainly good. Its great for recipe collection, and management, and I am a big fan of the Weekly planner.
[★★★★] I like the new update but... by J.K. Pie Guy
What I dodn't like is how they changed the "Add and delete button" to a "+ and -"
I keep thinking that it's the magnify/minimize button for like text size. Please fix that and I'll be happy.
[★★★★★] Simple and a Delight by art_for_fun
Just getting started but so far I am enjoying the app. Very easy to add recipes and pictures. Plan is to put all the recipes I love from my various magazines and books into this.

Would LOVE to see an option to link to my iPhone for quick imorting of pictures that I can take of the magazine or book :-)
[★★★★] Very Intuitive by J P
To be able to quickly and easily archive my own recipes is one thing. To be able to search for specific recipes online and import them is quite another. The ability to drag the recipe to the grocery list and have it compile a shoping list for me is also a plus. Finally, the weekly meal planner, using all the previously mentioned features, makes that chore a lot less painful!
[★★★★] Really great, but... by Justin Taylor
My toolbars don't load right coming out of fullscreen, and I've had a crash already (coming out of fullscreen). If fixed, would be perfect!
[★★★★★] Love this app! by Kirsten Erwin
This is probably the best recipe app I've downloaded to date. It's easy to use, well laid-out and beautifully designed. The web importer is an amazingly powerful tool - highlight some text, click on its category, review and voila!, your recipe is imported. Of course, if it is one of the already-recognized sites, importing is even quicker!

I've recommended this app in the past and will definitely do so again.
[★★★★★] Solid, easy to use, useful app by Anthony Janiak
Web importer is great, very useful features, grocey lists, scaling. A most have for anyone looking for an organized kitchen/recipie catalog.
[★★★★★] Exceedingly glad I got this app! by Stormvoël
If you're anything like me, you probably have a whole folder of bookmarked recipes in your browser, as well as a shoebox of recipes clipped from labels, bags, and boxes. Well, throw away the folder and toss the shoebox, because the Importer is the greatest thing ever to happen to a recipe hound, and that alone is worth the entire price of the app.

There are a whole lot of other useful features — I especially like the ability to generate shopping lists — but the Importer takes top honors. Wow!

I'm going to go enter my 1970s recipe for Bacon/Swiss Cheese Quiche with a Seasoned Ry-Krisp crust now, and hopefully I will never lose it again.

[★★★] Still has plenty of bugs by Carsten Langrock
We had contacted the developer a while ago to report a display bug (among other things) when switching between full screen and window mode; top panel and folder list turn solid grey, and require a re-start of the application. Haven't heard back, yet, and latest version doesn't fix the problem either.
[★★★★] Great but needs nutrition info by recipegirl
I've been looking for a great recipe software solution and had given up and written my own database. This comes very close and has some great features, but would really like to see the ability to enter nutritional information that is scaled appropriately when serving size is reduced or increased.
[★] Still has plenty of bugs by Carsten Langrock
We had contacted the developer a while ago to report a display bug (among other things) when switching between full screen and window mode; top panel and folder list turn solid grey, and require a re-start of the application. Haven't heard back, yet, and latest version doesn't fix the problem either.

Update: Finally heard back from the company. One of the bugs is well known, but hasn't been fixed, and the other one was supposedly not a bug at all ... yeah, right; part of the UI becoming not accessible anymore after performing a certain function was planned. The fact that both bugs require a restart of the program should not be acceptable to the user, not matter what the company thinks. Their contact person then accused me of offending him by being too frank about their lack of QA. Part of his suggested workaround for one of the known bugs was to give the program some time before performing additional actions. Anybody who has ever programmed in OS X knows that this is a bunch of bogus and did indeed not change the buggy behavior. Myabe they could add some magic pixy dust that the user can apply to their keyboard to make the program work.
[★★★★★] Nice & helpful program by Michelle Childs
I wasn't sure if I really needed this program so I went to the web site and downloaded the free demo version, tried it - that convinced me.
[★★★] Yummy organization! by KMchambers
I really love the ease of use in the application. It is user friendly and a little buggy at times, but the web importer makes up for that. .
I purchased this App with the implication that there was going to be an iPad/iPhone app that went with it. I am still waiting. That is going to be the kicker for me. I just might go back to using mac gourmet if it doesn't show up quickly.
[★] Too many sites it doesn't support... by David Ness
I've gotten one receipe to import out of 20 attempts. App doesn't support cooks.com (which we use a lot). I feel like a fool for purchasing this application... complete waste of money. Make sure the sites you use are supported (really supported, not just "oh, yeah. we do that") before purchasing.
[★★★★★] Great, simple program by orchestral
Easy to use recipe manager well worth the price. Its a simple to use, fairly intuitive interface at a good price. There is a trial on the website - downloaded it a couple weeks ago to try out, and it has already made managing recipes a lot easier (to the point that I purchased the program). I browse a lot online for new things to try, so having a piece of software to download and manage those in a consistant format is very beneficial for me.

-web importer for supported sites
-simple interface
-easy sorting
-great user guide (on software website)
-can split ingrediants into sections; ie crust, filling, topping, or whatever you choose

-needs better support for importing text documents (.doc, .rtf, etc.). Current implementation (within web importer) is a bit clumsy, but it does do the job
-web importer does not support tabbed browsing
-a few sporadic bugs/ quirks, but none are too bad.

Bottom line: nice recipe manager at a good price. Hits all the basic features and keeps a clean interface. Well worth the price, and if you aren't sure about it check out the trial version and user guide on the developers website.
[★★★★★] Great Cookbook App by Randall Finger
Great app. Easy to use, easy to export (and it sends it with really nice stationary when sending things via mail), and the best part, it is really easy to import recipes that you see on a website, and it usually has no issues with it, especially with the big websites like allrecipes.com. All in all, spectacular app, the developer is great to work with, and he updates his Facebook page with all the latest info on this app. All in all, it was worth the purchase.
[★★★★★] Love it! by Mohawke
This application is pretty awesome, especially for this price! Even at twenty dollars it's a steal. Great features, like the web importer for instance, it's pretty amazing. Really easy to use, was using all the features within a few minute without reading a single help file, and so far, no stability issues - seems pretty solid on my MacBook Pro. I ran demos for the two competitors here in the store and I am very glad I stuck with YummySoup, even though I really wanted an iPhone component for the shopping list. Considering it's in the works, I'm willing to wait since the main application is done so well.

From a fellow programmer, excellent job devs! Thanks
[★★★★] Good app by Katie L
This app is really good and easy to use. The only bad thing is that it doesn't import from very many websites.
[★★★★★] Wow!! Luv this App!! by SueStarblazer
What more can I say. This app does exactly what I want it to do. Yay!! I'm so happy!! I can easily organize, edit, and share all my recipes. Thank You YummySoup!!
[★★★★★] Great App, Great Cusomer Service! by Justin Taylor
I noticed the problem in the last version with the sidebars and sent the developers an email about it... I quickly got a response that included a beta of this version to try out. It's great, and the customer service is unbeatable.
[★★★★★] Very Convenient by Melody Horton
I'm a Pampered Chef consultant so I needed somewhere to keep all my recipes together for parties, emailing to customers, etc. It's really great, I don't know what I would do without it. The web import feature is nice. My only complaint is I REALLY wish they would make an app for iOS that could sync with the Mac app so I could have my recipes on the go.
[★★★★] foodnetwork by marinegator
You fixed it. It no longer imports from this site !!

When problem with FoodNetwork is fixed will rate 5 stars.
[★★★★★] Lovely organizer by PinkWhimsy
This app is a great organizer for my dessert recipes. Some of them come from baking books, some from websites, some from magazines, and this app pulls them all together for me! It's the perfect place for my favorites so I can quickly look them up.

I would, however, love to see two things: a companion iPad app that uses some kind of cloud technology, like Dropbox, for syncing recipes (I don't like taking my computer into the kitchen, but I can put my iPad in a Ziploc bag), preferably for free; and the ability to apply different themes to different recipes.
[★★★★] Needs Export by Stephen Rider
This is an excellent recipe organizer, and I especially love the innovative system for getting recipes off of web sites and importing them into Yummy Soup. (A shame that the web site importer is artificially limited to web pages -- it could easily work also with a file on my hard drive, or a text file, etc.)

The one thing that really makes me wary of using this long-term is the vendor lock-in. That is, once you have your info in YummySoup, there's no way to get it out. What happens if I spend years putting in hundreds of recipes into this app, and then the vendor goes out of business? Too bad -- the only "export" function YummySoup has isn't really an export -- it outputs a file that can only be read by YummySoup itself.

So I hope that the author looks into giving it some REAL export functions that create files in some of the standard "recipe" formats found on the web. It can import them; it should be able to output them as well.
[★★★★] Nice App, add'l file compatability would be appreciated by C.AK
The ability to import .doc and .pdf files would improve the application tremendously. Am also concerned about the inability to export to other formats. Otherwise a great app for grabbing recipes from the web and creating a useful searchable archive.
[★★★★★] Useful App with an increcibly sleek design; needs ios app with syncing capabilities. by Preston Mays
I'm not a huge fan of niche apps; and lets face it, there are clusters of apps for small mundane activities. Most recipe apps are just mere archives for recipes, begging the question, why don't I just use a notecard? That's how I felt before I found YummySoup!. Hard drives crash, but a notecard could last for generations, so why would I waste my money for a recipe app. This was my mentality until I found YummySoup! on sale for $4.99. With a full set of 5 star reviews and a careful analysis of YummySoups! features and benefits; I decided to buy. I'm glad I did.

YummySoup! has found neutral ground that no other recipe app for Mac OS X has found so far. It balances simplicity with dynamicity. I'm not one to typically ridicule applications - I mean, people work very hard on them. I will, however, use MacGourmet Deluxe as a foil here. In MacGourmet, both the normal and deluxe versions have a crowded cluster of features. It's a recipe app for someone who has several weeks just to become accustom to all of the features. YummySoup!, on the other hand, has a full set of features sleekly integrated into an aesthetically pleasing package. Utilizing Apples cover art for recipe's conjoined with the grocery list, culinary planner, and import features, HungrySeaCow has created a haven for the schizophrenic cook. Before YummySoup! I would spend countless amounts of money on superflous ingredients at the grocery store, and would often times end up home without all of the necessary ingredients for a recipe. YummySoup! easily allows the user to drag recipes into the grocery list, importing all of the ingredients. The user can then include or exclude the ingredients from the list as needed.

Despite all of the praise I have for this application, I also have a few concerns. The planner is excellent, but it would be nice to see the planner when i'm at the grocery store. The grocery list application is perfect - particularly with the printable checklist and export - but what if I don't have a printer or i'm tired of wasting paper. Integrating the checklist, recipe database, and planner, with full syncing capabilities to an ios device would place this application in 6 stars category. If an ios application is already in the works, it needs to have (at the very least) wifi syncing capabilities. Most users do not have a MobileMe account, so MobileMe should not be an exclusive means for syncing.

Everything considered, YummySoup! is an excellent application. 5 stars.
[★★★★] Needs an iPad app by attrabeutz
Love this program, but the iPad is a much more convienient method for reading my recipes than the laptop (it just takes too much room in the kitchen). Would love to be able to access my database of recipes from the iPad....other than that this program is user friendly and highly versitile.
[★★★★★] Great value by KrispyNoodle
Love this app. Great value and easy to use. Product support is very helpful and responsive. There are some minor interface things that I think could be done to make it a little more user friendly, but at this cost, that would be icing. I agree with another review, exporting would be nice. I would like to share something with my Mom but she doesn't have a mac. I can email or print for her, but would be nice for her to be able save an electronic copy in Word or even in a text file. Not a huge deal though.
[★★★★★] I absolutely love YummySoup, long time user. by trexpixx
I highly recommend this app for all of the cooks out there! I have been using YummySoup for several years. I absolutely love this app. I researched and demo several programs and I think this is the best. First the interface is beautiful! I am proud to email my recipes to friends and family because they are so beautiful and professional looking. I love the full screen mode for the recipe view. I do not have an ultra modern kitchen, but I can envision using the full screen mode while cooking in the kitchen. The recipe web importer could not be easier, a large number of them are one click or highlight and click. With the web importer and keywording/tagging at the same time will automatically organize your recipes in the manner you prefer. I have hundreds of old family recipes to add to the library and that is every bit as easy to enter as the web importer. My favorite function is to make my grocery list from the recipes I plan to make and email them to myself for my trip to the market. I know the mobile app is in the works, and I am sure that it will be as user friendly as the desktop version. Anytime I have had an issue or a question Customer Service has always gotten back to me ASAP and they are accessible on Facebook and Twitter. I could write about several other features, but I encourage you to check out the website and try it out.
[★★★★★] LOVE it!!!, BUT... by canyonland
Just wondering when I can get this app on my Ipad2?
[★★★★★] LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP by Karen Lakin
Actually saying how much I love this app really doesnt describe how much i really really love it :) This app rocks, i love the import button from all the sites it offers, it is fantastic. Being a veggie i was very happy to see Veg. times on there, great job on that one.

Its very user friendly and the shopping list and weekly plan rocks

[★★★★] Great, but crashes by Boscheefan
Great app. I love it. But it has crashed in the same spot on inserting ingredients into a new recipe
[★★★★] Excellent App, but... by DinahS
This app is excellent, however, without a mobile companion for the iPhone/iPad, it really is not as great as it can be.

I love the recipe importer, which makes it incredibly easy to add recipes to your database. Overall, it is a great app that keeps my recipes off my counter and neatly organized. But a mobile app is desparately needed.
[★★★★★] Best Feature is web import by tmac1936
At first I thought the web import only worked with selected website but it works on any website. You just highlight the sections such as title, ingredients etc and click on the appropriate tab as you do so and it will import the recipe.

The other feature that is handy is emailing a recipe shares the yummy soup file for import and a pdf if the user doesn't have yummy soup.

Great app - Full screen needs work for Lion but other then that solid app.
[★★★★] Could use some additional improvements by JinkyBear
Overall it's a good app, great little features, but I wish it had access via my iphone, aside from some additional things they can improve on. Easy transfer of receipes - worth the low price.
[★★] foodnetwork by marinegator
Great App until Lion. Not compatible.
Not stable in Lion. Keeps crashing.
[★★★★★] Highly Recommend- Consider these Pros and Cons by N Jane
I have been using YummySoup for a few months now and have given rave reviews of it to my friends and family. I think anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen needs this application.

What I love about YummySoup:
* All of my recipes are in one place. My cooking horizons have expanded exponentially now that browsing my recipes is so easy. Every night there is a new gourmet recipe at my fingertips without having to dig through my pile of cookbooks.
* The web importer works wonderfully. I import most of my recipes from cooking blogs, which aren't supported for automatic importing, but even manual importing is a breeze with the highlight feature.
* The search feature allows me to find any recipe with a certain ingredient. Need a recipe to use up that extra bunch of kale? I just pulled up five.
* I can create as many groups of recipes as I want. Recipes will then automatically fall into that group if I have tagged them, or I can pull them in myself.
* Oh, the printing possibilities- I easily saved all of my recipes as a PDF file (over 200 pages), printed them, and placed them in page protectors in a binder. I'm a bit messy and clumsy, so I try to keep my electronics out of the kitchen. I love having all of my recipes on paper, protected, and readily available to hang over my cooking area. Also, when someone requests a recipe I can print it or email them a PDF file of just that recipe. And for my highly unorganized brother? I sent him the PDF file of the whole collection. So ten years from now he will still have our father's cornbread recipe.

What's missing from YummySoup:
* Most notably, there is no synchronization with the iPhone/iPad. Having this information available on-the-go would cement the deal for me. As it is, I may someday purchase a different app that I could use on an iPhone.
* My biggest personal complaint is the lack of a free-text option in the menu planner. I make a lot of basic breakfasts and lunches (scrambled eggs, BLT, etc.) The only way for these meals to be in the menu planner is to create a recipe for them. Until this changes, the menu planner will be useless to me. Also, as long as I'm not using the menu planner, I won't be using the grocery list. I like them to be together so I use Evernote.
* The auto-fill text feature can by annoying when creating recipes. It rarely fills words that I frequently use, but it often fills words that I don't use. For instance, when I type "cups" in the measurement field, "cups (1 pint)" automatically fills.
* The array of themes are not very useful. I only find two of them to look professional. Any theme with the picture on the left side of the page causes long ingredient lists to be interrupted. On the other hand, I love the theme that I do use and don't really suffer for the lack of more options.

Despite my list of complaints, I would still recommend YummySoup over any other recipe application out there. The biggest selling point is the ease of use in importing, editing, and browsing recipes.
For most people, I think the lack of synchronization will be the biggest problem with the app.
For me, if I could have free-text in the menu planner then I would consider this app a dream come true.
[★★★★★] Fantastic App! by LeeAnn Huezo
I have used this app so much! Nice user interface, easy web importing, easy organization… Really worth the $ for me. As others have asked, do you think you'll have an iPad 2 version coming? Thanks so much!!
[★★★★] Great but needs a app for ipad by VibrantEars
I like the program program but I will like to be symc with the ipad
[★★★★★] Amazing by e08054
Not only the application is amazing in itself, the support is incredible as well. I was contacted within a minutes of my emails to support. Wow! that's all I have to say! The web import makes it so easy to create one and only Recipe book you'll ever need.
[★★★★★] Simple to use, but yet so powerful by Larry.McJunkin
I have been using YummySoup! (YS) almost since its inception and looking back, it's unbelievable how much this app has evolved. I'm retired from the software marketing industry so things like how an application interacts with the user through its interface and attention to detail are very important to me. YS simplifies everything it does so you can spend more time cooking and eating!

One of the nicest features for me is the ease with which YS imports recipes from the major cooking sites (like Food Network). Just one mouse click and a recipe is imported to your own YS library.

YS also has Recipecasts which deliver your recipes directly to your friends and family, smart groups, a complete grocery list (to which you can easily add items), a full-screen chef's view for using your computer in the kitchen, a weekly planner, themes you can easily toggle between, and it also has both notes you can share with your recipes and other notes that are private just to you (a great feature once you start using it).

Yet another great feature of YS is how it let's "me" decide the cosmetics of my recipes. If I want all the ingredients to begin with lower case or upper case…so be it. If I want to use Tablespoon, Tbsp, tbsp, or tablespoon…again it's my choice, not that of the developer. Once you designate which name for something you want…the program with automatically change any other similar names to your desired name using Smart Measurement, which I believe is a ver unique feature to YS.

Sorry for the long review…but YS is truly a very user-friendly application that's easy to learn and simple to use. Try it…you'll be pleased!
[★★★★★] Love it! by Allison Carley
This app is awesome! Importing is SO easy. AllRecipes.com and other simalar websites are super easy to download from and if it's not a popular website it's still super simple! I wish when adding things to the grocery list there was a way to mark everything as needed and go through and check off what you already have instead of the opposite (what it is now). Emails are super pretty but the PDF's don't send right if you mail a bunch at the same time.
[★★★★★] LOVE LOVE LOVE by Wishesduecometrue
Love this app makes my life so much easier as a housewife thank you Now I am waiting for the IPad app Please make one soon!!!
[★★] The developers have just been lazy. by Stephen Butler
I bought this app as well as the app for my iPhone. I enjoy the clean uncluttered screens and the easy of manual entry but the fact that you have to work so hard to sync the two apps is just plane lazy on the developers part. In addition it is VERY DIFFACULT to figure out how to import receipies from other apps or files and why can't you have the ingredients of a receipie added to your shopping list when you want to prepare a selection?
[★★★★★] Please improve recipe THEME designs by User3789
I LOVE Yummy Soup!
I don't love the theme designs. Please design something simple and classy - there are enough homey-looking designs with pastels and goofy edges - notebook paper, fake pieces of tape? And elegant is PINK and BLACK??
Something simple, please, and why doesn't the theme I have chosen in the app show up on my iPod?
[★★★] Poor syncing capabilities by InSearchOf
After having an iPhone and an iPad, i finally decided to try the macair. This is one fo the first programs I purchased. I was impressed with how recipes look, but, like others, I am very unimpressed at how the program syncs with the iPhone. You actually have to connect via itunes. I am not sure why they can't sync through mobileme or another method. Also, the iphone app is overpriced for its features and functions. This app has the potential to be very good, it is just missing some essential components.
[★★★★★] Awesome by wxmandan
My wife an I are avid cooks and we love this program; it has a lot of features, is very easy to use, and is very reasonably priced. We tried out several competing software packages and settled on YummySoup! - it was by far the best program for our needs.

We have already built up a library of over 1000 recipies and we frequently try new recipies that we find online; for that, the web import features work very well - much better than any other program we've tried.

We make extensive use of the groups and cuisine classification features, and to be fair, we have noticed a few bugs when creating and dragging folders around. Occasionally folders will disappear, but when restarting the program they will re-appear. Hopefully these minor bugs will be fixed in a future update.
[★] It was good until…. by eddiecoyote
I downloaded it for my iMac and loved it. The importing recipes from websites was spotty, but overall nice. The major drawback was many websites do not list the nutritional information, not even calories or protein, and YummySoup was lacking in this function as well. If you are an athlete looking to tailor your meals and recipes based on protein and calories and GI, then this isn't the route for you.

Then I got the iPhone app. Meh. Might as well be invisible. I never use it.

Then I got the iPad 2 and the app and I synced it to the database that is on my MobileMe account and my 4 star rating went down to 1 stars. It will not even open on my iPad. I've reinstalled it. No joy. Looked at the website for fixes… no joy. Looked in chatrooms and groups… no joy. If it were a matter of the developer having the fix as part of the iCloud coming out, or something else, then I'd be more openminded. But there is no hint of anything at all that I can find anywhere. On the website is a link to the user manual and a paragraph to please read the manual before sending in a question as there is only 1 developer.

Good try for 1 developer, but if I am going to invest my time and money in a product then I want at the very least some feedback about "we've identified the problem and are working to fix it". Perhaps this is a lesson to only buy apps from companies that have a more robust developer team. I don't know.

I had high hopes of this being my recipe book that can plan my week, have my shopping lists on my iPhone, and import recipes from websites that I like to visit. But it has been quite a while and still not a peep from the developer about issues raised by others.

It seems that if you only use this on one product, then you might be happy. If you use a variety of iOS devices… stay away.
[★★★★★] YummySoup! by hippychic40
Love, love, love this app. It was easy to enter my own recipes as well as import recipes from other sites like Foodnetwork. This is a keeper for me.
[★★★★★] Clear the clutter, YummySoup has given me back control of my recipes! by Kevin Carpenter
As a magazine subscriber I love to take time to read and look through my food mags. Afterwards I would have to save the whole magazine, cut out single recipes, or write them down resulting in a mish mash way of organizing them. Now I can say goodbye to the stacks of magazines. After I'm done looking through I can go on the mags website and import them right into YummySoup, even the mags that are not supported by the one click import are easy to import with the highlight and tab button method. This also works good for any recipes saved as a file on my computer, website or blog. Plus the ability to modify during importing including scaling down the recipe is great. Any ingredient, measurement, method, keyword, ect. added is remembered and is available in the autofill or drag down menu for next time. Catagorizing the recipes with keywords and smart folders is so easy and helps inspire me when I'm not sure what to make. There are other features I haven't used yet and more promised by the developer, this the best recipe app I've ever used.
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