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Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference.

~One of Time Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2010~

“It’s the perfect technology for a practicing musician: high-quality digital audio, mixable, transposable into any key and completely mobile. Now every aspiring musician has a backup band in their pocket.” – Tim Westergren, Pandora Founder

• It's a Book:
Create, edit, print, share and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing.

• It's a Band:
Practice with a realistic sounding piano (or guitar), bass and drum accompaniments for any downloaded or user-created chord chart.


Have a virtual band accompany you as you practice
• Choose from 47 different accompaniment styles (Swing, Ballad, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin,...)
• Personalize each style with a variety of sounds including piano, fender rhodes, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums, vibraphone, organ, and more

Play, edit, and import any songs you want
• 1000s of songs can be imported from the forums in a few simple steps
• Edit existing songs or create your own with the Editor
• The Player will play any song that you edit or create
• Create multiple editable playlists

Improve your skills with the included chord diagrams
• Display guitar, ukulele tabs and piano fingerings for any of your chord charts
• Look up piano, guitar and ukulele fingerings for any chord
• Display scale recommendations for each chord of a song to help with improvisations

Practice in the way, and at the level, that you choose
• Includes 50 exercises for practicing common chord progressions
• Transpose any chart to any key or to number notation
• Loop a selection of measures of a chart for focused practicing
• Advanced practice settings (automatic tempo increase, automatic key transposition)
• Global Eb, Bb, F and G transposition for horn players

Share, print, and export – so your music follows you wherever you need it!
• Share individual charts or whole playlists with other iReal Pro users via email and the forums
• Export charts as PDF and MusicXML
• Export audio as WAV, AAC and MIDI 

Always backup your songs!

Developer Technimo LLC
Price 19.99$
AppStore ID 409035833
Version 6.3
Last update 03 Jan 2011
App size 53.0 MB
User rating 5+ (157 votes)
Supported languages EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, ZH, ES

iReal Book reviews and user comments

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[★★★★★] Just what I need... by Phillip King
Been envious of those who have it on the iPad, now I got mine. 900 plus songs in any key or tempo. Printouts. Awesome!
[★★★★] needs keyed transposition by bigM2k
Needs the ability to transpose for keyed instruments, like the iphone app does. But overall, I'm glad I got it for my macbookpro...
[★★★★★] FANTASTIC tool for the jazz musician by Ty Sheets
This is something I really wanted but didn't know even existed until I saw it on the App Store. It eliminates the struggle of finding Aebersold playalongs for all the jazz standards and puts most of them into an organized, playback-enabled database. And there are 600+ more tunes on the website forums! Great stuff and a fantastic value for $20.
[★★★★★] It's like band in a box only cheaper and cooler! by Gdtrbfnru
I was thinking of buying Band in a Box but was discouraged by the price. By the time you add all the packs plus all the songs that should be in the real book you're talkin' some serious dough. Then, while I was just browsing the app store, I saw this real book app. Man, I can't believe all the songs that are in here! Even Tenderly which I had a hard time finding in the original real books is here! This is even better than having the Jamey Abersold collection! What a great app for musicians!
[★★★★★] good quality by boognishh
Awesome practice tool for jazz musicians. Does everything it claims to do easily and immediately. I have a library of Real Books and Aebersold books to read the melodies from, and this provides excellent accompaniment. You can choose from several different rhythm styles, most of which manage to sound impressively non-robotic. If you play a rhythm instrument you can remove the bass, piano, or drums separately to jam along. If you need to transpose for a vocalist it can be done instantly.
[★★★★★] mr. by rpm2599
Everything u need to woodshed... no time spend adjusting the computer... u just get to play and u can add any song u want. great support to if u need, the real thing. much easier then trying to subit a review and picking a nickname
[★★★★★] Perfect for practicing by jazztenorplayer
I heard about this from a friend and gave it a's a very useful application! It's an instant rhythm section for any chord progression. Most of the real book tunes are pre-included, and others can be had from their online forums. Or you can just type in the chords yourself, which is ridiculously easy. The piano is a bit cheesy at times, but for practicing, it's more than adequate.
[★★★★] Works Great! Would like a few features. by Jonah Evans
This app is easy to use and has a nice interface. It would be great if the charts could be viewed full screen instead of in just the small window on the right. Also, I wish there was a way to automatically sync songs with the iphone app.

Aside from that, I love it!
[★★★★★] The best music tool I own! by Joseph Liberti
If you are a jazz musician or wannabe this is the best $20 you will ever spend. I play multiple instruments and use the transposition feature to create charts for the other instruments. I am fond of using new beats for old tunes and this app lets me try them first - as bossa nova, as son montuno etc. The library is huge and the forums provide many more tunes. Get this!
[★★★★★] How can you not buy this? by Ryan P.C. McQuen
The best practice tool ever created. Massimo is a genius.
[★★★★★] Amazing app! by Ferenkell
This app is amazing! I use it all the time to practice. Too bad about the copyright issues but luckily all the old songs and even more can be found in the forums with a couple of clicks. Love the new loop function.
[★★★★★] Very good and solid by Eyal Redler
The app delivers on its promise, it sounds great and is very easy to use.
I would love, though, to be able to divide the screen real estate differantly, the chart is a bit too small for my taste and the middle section is way too big for what it does.
With that in mind, it is still a very nice and extremely useful application.
[★★★★] Very Nice by Noslen1968
I like this app a lot. I agree with the other reviewer who said the music section of the screen should be larger. Would really be nice to have that part be the full window at a click so the screen could be used as a book more effectively at a distance while playing piano. 'Small' change and it will be perfect.
[★★★★★] A must have app for any musicians that have an Ipad or a mac computer by ooku
This is one of the most usefull apps out there.
If you get it on you ipad you can easily take it on gigs and put on a stand to have an huge library of realbooks.
Great replacement for a realbook since most know that those are bulky and after time will break down.
One of the best features is the play along, great to practice tunes or simply enjoy a solo jam.
The other great feature is being able to transpose tunes in 1 second (specially good when playing with vocalists).

I would say that the only feature that it is missing is having the actual notes in the music, however, seems difficult to do with all the copyright issues. Hopefully they will collab with other people to have no problem showing the actual notes.
[★★★★★] YEAH by trumpet man333
Learn your tunes!!!
[★★★★★] Stunning by Stephen Heller
This is a no brainer if you are familar with band in a box this cost a fraction of the cost and do a lot of stuff to begin the knowledge process for a musician.
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